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Seed Library At Bay College

Welcome to the Bay College Seed Library

Bay College Seed Library purple beans

Seed Library is located in the Bay College Library in the HUB

“By accepting seeds from the Bay College Library, I am agreeing to waive, on my own behalf and on behalf of any of my family members, any and all claims of liability against Bay College, its trustees and employees, for any injury or any form of loss which may result from the use of the seeds.”

How it works: Borrow, Grow, Return!

BORROW: Check out a seed packet from the Seed Library. Borrow only as much as you can grow. No ID needed and no due date.

GROW: Plant your seed in your garden or pots and watch them grow. Go to "Where To Start" tab for information on how to grow your seeds.

RETURN: Not required, but you can harvest your seeds from your vegetables and fruits at the end of the growing season. Return seeds to the Seed Library in the original envelop if possible with label or fill in a label with information and add to a new envelop. Do complete the donation form so that we know who is returning seeds to the library.