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A guide to assist you with Psychology at Bay College.


Psychology fosters proficiency with research design and research methods. This is an integral skill for success in a variety of research-dependent fields. It promotes understanding of human thinking, emotion, and behavior (both normal and abnormal). Understanding complex human interaction is integral to success in many arenas.

Psychology offers wide exposure to diversity issues. Understanding and appreciating diversity is a vital component of meaningful interactions in increasingly diverse local, regional, national, and global environments. Psychology explores the contribution of biology to psychological issues. This reflects one of the many interdisciplinary intersections of the field.  Psychology prepares students to interact with professionals across many disciplines.

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APA Research Writing Style

APA (American Psychological Association) Style is a very popular research writing style in the social sciences. Always ask your professor what Style Guide they prefer and use that style, regardless if you prefer another. Also... when you are writing a paper stick to one style!

Recommended websites: Purdue Owl and Both have examples for nearly every source you can think of.

Online Resources