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On Display

Currently on display at the Bay College Library

Anime Club

The Purpose of the Bay College Anime Club is to give students a fun, worry free, venue where they can show anime, discuss the particulars of anime/otaku culture in a worry free environment. For more information, email club advisor Dave Laur or visit the Bay College Anime Club on Facebook.

The items below were donated to the Bay College Library courtesy of the Bay College Anime Club.

Cover art of Poupelle of Chimney Town directed by Yusuke Hirota
Cover art of Inuō = Inu-oh directed by Masaaki Yuasa
Cover art of Goodbye, Don Glees! Directed by Atsuko Ishizuka
Cover art of Jujutsu kaisen 0 by Sung Hoo Park
Cover art of Song of the Sea directed by Tomm Moore

These DVDs are available for checkout from the Bay College Library. Click on the image to view the library's catalog.