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BIOL 112 - Cells & Molecules

A guide to assist you with BIOL 112 at Bay College.

Cells & Molecules

This course focuses on the structural, physiological, and genetic characteristics of cells. Topics covered include the chemistry of life, cell structure and function, cell physiology, respiration, photosynthesis, molecular genetics, and biotechnology. It is intended for all students with a strong interest in the life sciences. It is recommended for students planning to transfer to a four year institution and major or minor in a life science, engineering, social science, computer science, or any physical science. Prerequisite: E, R, CHEM-110. Students will benefit from having had at least two years of natural science in high school, including biology and chemistry. This course and its companion BIOL-110 can be taken in any order. It is recommended that students have a minimum ACT science score of 20. Offered Winter semester.

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