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MATH 085 - Pre-Algebra

A guide to assist you with MATH 085 at Bay College.

MATH 085 - Pre-Algebra: Section 1

The PDF files below each video are intended to be printed and filled in as you watch each lecture video. The purpose for this is to give you the opportunity to write down each step of the problems and to familiarize yourself with the process of working the examples for each section. It also gives you something to take away and study at a later time, just like taking notes in the traditional classroom.

Section 1.1 Introduction to Whole Numbers

Section 1.2 Adding & Subtracting Whole Numbers & Parameter

Section 1.3 Multiplying & Dividing Whole Numbers & Area

Section 1.4 Problem Solving with Whole Numbers

Section 1.5 Solving Equations with Whole Numbers

Section 1.6 Exponents & Order of Operations

Section 1.8 Introduction to Integers

Section 1.9 & 1.10 Adding & Subtracting Integers

Section 1.14 Solving Equations with Integers