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MATH 095 - Basic Algebra

A guide to assist you with MATH 095 at Bay College.

MATH 095 - Basic Algebra: Section 8

A study of the fundamental concepts and operations of algebra, polynomials, equations, application problems, factoring, introduction to functions and graphs, systems of linear equations, exponents, radicals, and simple quadratic equations. This course is developmental in nature and cannot be used toward any associate degree. Prerequisite: MATH-085 with “C” grade or better or an appropriate score on the mathematics placement test. No calculators are permitted.

Section 8.1 Solving Systems by Graphing

Section 8.2 Solving by Substitution

Section 8.3 Solving Systems by Addition

Section 8.4 Applications-Distance, Number, Amounts, Cost

Section 8.5 Applications-Interest and Mixture

Section 8.6 Solving Systems in 3 Variables