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Research Writing

A guide to assist you with Research Writing at Bay College.


Plagiarism is presenting or submitting someone else's work (words or ideas), intentionally or unintentionally, as your own. This is considered to be a form of cheating and may be subject to disciplinary action.

The various forms of plagiarism include:

  • Copying: using the same, or very similar, words to the original text (whether in a book, journal, website or any other source) without either acknowledging the source or using quotation marks. This also applies to images, pictures and melodies.
  • Paraphrasing: changing a few words and phrases from the original but retaining too much of the original structure and expressions
  • Collusion: working with others but passing off the work as your own individual work
  • Duplication: submitting work for one module which had been prepared for another

Oxford Brookes University (UK) Plagiarism Information Skills, Oxford Brookes University Library Skills Resource

Bay College Policy on Academic Integrity

It shall be the policy of Bay de Noc Community College Board of Trustees that the college provides opportunities for students to gain the knowledge, skills, judgment and wisdom they need to function in society as responsible citizens. Plagiarism, falsifying data, and other forms of academic dishonesty are inconsistent with the college’s goals and mission; Students are expected to pursue their education at Bay College with honor and integrity. In line with this college policy, any student found cheating, copying, or otherwise misrepresenting his/her performance, or any way gaining an unfair advantage over other students will be subject to disciplinary actions according to the Bay College Academic Integrity Procedures.

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