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BIOL 110 - Evolution and Diversity

A guide to assist you with BIOL 110 at Bay College.

Paper I: Evolution and Human Experience

Below is a list of possible readings for the first paper. Please review your writing syllabus for the mechanics of this process. I encourage you to search out your own article on a relevant topic. A good place to begin is the Bay College Library's periodical stacks, where you can browse BioScience, Science, Nature, Scientific American, or The Scientist. Generally, I will want to see the full citation, but a Xerox copy of the article is even better.  All readings are on reserve in the Bay College Library. If you chose to find your own article, please OK it with me before you proceed.

The first six items come from the book The Third Chimpanzee: The Evolution and Future of the Human Animal by Jared Diamond, published in 1992 by Harper Collins. The second six come from Diamond’s book Why is Sex Fun? The Evolution of Human Sexuality, published in 1997 by Basic Books. In addition to being on reserve in the Bay College Library, copies are also available for purchase at the bookstore. If you choose a reading from one of these books, you will find reading the introductory material and the first chapters very helpful in understanding Diamond’s perspective. I encourage you to read much more!

The Scientist

The Third Chimpanzee

  • Chapter 3: The Evolution of Human Sexuality
  • Chapter 4: The Science of Adultery
  • Chapter 5: How We Pick Our Mates and Sex Partners
  • Chapter 6: Sexual Selection, and the Origin of Human Races
  • Chapter 7: Why Do We Grow Old and Die?
  • Chapter 11: Why Do We Smoke, Drink, and Use Dangerous Drugs?

Why is Sex Fun?

  • Chapter 2: The Battle of the Sexes.
  • Chapter 3: Why Don’t Men Breast-feed Their Babies? The Non-Evolution of Male Lactation.
  • Chapter 4: Wrong Time for Love: The Evolution of Recreational Sex.
  • Chapter 5: What Are Men Good For? The Evolution of Men’s Roles.
  • Chapter 6: Making More by Making Less: The Evolution of Female Menopause.
  • Chapter 7: Truth in Advertising: The Evolution of Body Signals.