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Career Planning

A guide to assist you with Career Planning.

Co-ops & Internships

Bay College recognizes that there are important aspects of business and industry that cannot be replicated in a lab or classroom environment. Therefore, to augment the learning experiences of classroom instruction, Bay College has a Co-operative Education (Co-op) and Internship program. Co-operative Education and internships are an excellent way for students to gain “real life” experience in an actual business or industrial work setting.


  • At Bay College are typically for 3 units school credit during a semester, Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer
  • Working in a position simular to what you will expect to experience upon entering the workplace.
  • Typically paid.


  • Normally take place during the summer and last a limited amount of weeks.
  • Rarely count for school credit.
  • Typically unpaid.
  • Can receive scholarships and a stipend if it's located far from where you live.

See the document below for more information and contact your faculty advisor to help find co-ops/internship opportunities relevant to your career goals.

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